BAPS Swaminarayan Research Institute in New Delhi strives to encourage interdisciplinary study of Indian culture, its religions, philosophies, languages, and texts to preserve India’s heritage and promote a better understanding through comprehensive educational, research oriented, and publication programs.

With the continued progress of globalization making communication, interaction, and opportunities more and more accessible, it is ever important to create spaces in which people can explore, study, and collaborate together for creative learning and expression. With an aim to instill such interdisciplinary learning and appreciation, the BAPS Swaminarayan Research Institute strives to foster academic dialogue and public consciousness of in-depth, reverent scholarly research on Indian studies.

With these goals in mind, activities within the institute endeavor to:

  • Facilitate understanding and appreciation of Indian traditions, values, contributions
  • Encourage collaborative and comparative dialogue
  • Explore opportunities for partnerships that promote cultural learning, expression, and appreciation
  • Build sustained, engaged scholarly communities and regional and international partnerships among professionals and specialists

The institute offers a wide range of ways to approach such interdisciplinary cultural and religious learning, awareness, and discourse. Understanding the need for personal study, reflection, and interaction, the institute facilitates:

  • opportunities for language studies and textual research
  • access to broad range of research materials including publications, electronic texts, and a wide range of manuscripts
  • spaces for private study and reflection
  • council from experienced staff, associates, and affiliate scholars and professionals from acclaimed national and international institutions
  • regional and global seminars and conferences on a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects
  • partnerships with both regional and internationally positioned academic institutes, religious organizations, and regional and international social service groups

By providing these services and the opportunity to engage in diverse yet in-depth and collaborative research, the BAPS Swaminarayan Research Institute in New Delhi plays an active role in creating responsible, academic leaders. As interfaith and intercultural cooperation and religious pluralism continue to grow as social priorities, with greater participation in cross disciplinary research, members and affiliates of BAPS Swaminarayan Research Institute provide exceptional contributions in scholarly learning, collaboration, and expression in a diverse range of topics pertaining to India.