Meet the Team

The continued success of the BAPS Swaminarayan Research Institute is dependent on the work and dedication of its experienced faculty and staff. Members of the institute play a significant role as administrators, teachers, advisors, mentors, and even research colleagues. The staff at the institute carry an ethos of service to the academic community and maintain a level of friendly professionalism that has become a hallmark of the institute.

Apart from full time staff, the institute regularly hosts visiting fellows to impart their experience and offer varying perspectives to ongoing research. These fellows also provide unparalleled opportunities for the institute’s members to engage with practical dimensions of their research.

Mahāmahopādyāya Sadhu Bhadreshdas (Head)

Upon completion of his masters in Sanskrit in 1996, Sadhu Bhadreshdas received multiple masters (ācārya) degrees in the Sāṃkhya, Yoga, Vedānta, Nyāya, Vaiśeṣika, and the Pūrvamīmāṃsā darśana. In 2005 he was awarded his doctoral degree for his work on the Śrīmadbhagavadgītā’s Paramātmapratyakṣasvarūpayogaḥ. In 2007 he completed the Prasthānatrayī Svāminārāyaṇa-bhāṣyam, a comprehensive Sanskrit commentary on the ten principle Upaniṣads, Śrīmadbhagavadgītā̄, and the Brahmasūtras, according to the teachings of Bhagavān Svāminārāyaṇa. Thereafter, he was awarded a D.Litt. from Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University (KKSU), Nagpur in 2010 for his commentary on the Prasthānatrayī; followed by the Mahāmahopādyāya award in 2012 and the Darśanakesarī award in October 2013 from the Akhila Bhāratīya Vidvat Pariṣad. At the 16th World Sanskrit Conference in 2015, he was bestowed the Vedānt-Mārtanda award for his contributions in Vedānt by Silpakorn University, Bangkok,Thailand.

Dr. Jyotindra Dave (Director)

After graduating in 1963 with a B.A. in Sanskrit and Ancient Indian Culture from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Dr. Dave went on to complete his masters in Sanskrit and Pali from Bombay University in 1967. Thereafter, in 2007 his work on the Śatānandamuni’s Śrīharivākyasudhāsindhu earned him his Ph.D. from M.S. University in Vadodara. He has held directorship at Niharika Engineering Ltd., Mumbai from 1970 – 2007 and professorship at SIES College, Bombay (1967 – 1970) and Purna Pragna College, Bombay (1965 – 1967). Specializing on Indian philosophy and cultural studies, he is currently the director of the BAPS Swaminarayan Research Institute at Akshardham, New Delhi. His academic interests cover a wide range of topics ranging from Indian history, philosophy, and concepts of the Hindu traditions to the practical implication of cultural and philosophical research.